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July 15, 2015: Summer of Color: Santa Fe Botanical Garden, >

June 11, 2015: Santa Fe celebrates the Summer of Color, Santa Fe Travelers >

May 29, 2015: Santa Fe Botanical Garden exhibition features works by Native Americans and other artists, >

May 20, 2015: Rocky Road – SF Botanical Garden grows away from mountaintop preserve, Santa Fe Reporter >

May 18, 2015: 15 Experience You Can Only Have in New Mexico, Matador Network >

May 15, 2015: The Last Mile, Santa Fe Reporter > 

May 15, 2015: Botanical garden ends guided hikes in Ortiz Mountains, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

May 8, 2015: Santa Fe Summer Is Totally Technicolor, >

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Think about Santa Fe as I ask this question: What color do you see? Perhaps it’s the turquoise in a hand-crafted bracelet or the green of piñon and juniper trees or red and orange painting the sky at day’s end. Now open your eyes. Think Santa Fe again and consider this: Whatever color your mind’s eye pictures is already here. Our Summer of Color paints an unforgettable picture with color-themed exhibitions at Museum Hill’s renowned cultural institutions. Continue reading >

April 2015: The Summer Looks Bright, New Mexico Magazine >

Museum Hill leads the way as Santa Fe celebrates the vibrant colors of the Southwest.

April 16, 2015: Engaging Earth Day celebrations abound in Santa Fe, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

April 10, 2015: 21 Best Things to Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico, VacationIdea >

March 30, 2015: 25 Best Botanical Gardens to Visit on Your Romantic Weekend Getaway, VacationIdea >

There are few better ways to explore the beauty and diversity of the United States than a visit to a botanical garden, dedicated to preserving the nation’s most fascinating flowers, trees, insects, birds and wildlife. Plan a romantic weekend getaway to a garden near you … continue reading >

March 9, 2015: 18 Reasons Why Santa Fe is a Spring Break Different, >

February 13, 2015: Bill Baxter, 1943-2015: History buff helped protect Cerrillos Hills and then kept its mining tales alive, The Santa Fe New Mexican > 

*Long time volunteer at the Ortiz Mountains Educational Preserve, Bill Baxter was a dear friend of Santa Fe Botanical Garden. (PDF of article here)

February 12, 2015: Winter Wonderland Walk, Santa Fean, NOW > (PDF 2.7 MB)

January 19, 2015: Summer Of Color On Santa Fe’s Museum Hill, Los Alamos Daily Post >

Santa Fe appears to be awash in gradations of adobe brown yet it is a city of rich colors found nowhere else – as seen by the generations of artists who’ve made this city their home. And color in its many shades and hues comes to the fore this summer when some of the city’s leading cultural institutions located on Museum Hill coordinate a series of exhibitions and events.

January/February 2015: Traveler’s Guide to Gardens, The American Gardener > (PDF 632kb)

When it comes to growing plants, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is certainly one of the more challenging environments.This region, bathed in intense sun and drying winds, receives only an average of 14 inches of rain and snow a year and can experience temperature swings of 30 to 40 degrees in the same day. Despite these formidable conditions, the Santa Fe Botanical Garden (SFBG) is flourishing on two sites and constructing a formal public garden on a third. Read the article >

December 10, 2014: Interview with Fran Cole, on 98.1 KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe

All the details about GLOW and Morphing Nature at the Botanical Garden at Museum Hill.

November 25, 2014: The Richard Eeds Show on KVSF 101.5 with Fran Cole

KVSF 101.5 FM The Voice of Santa Fe is a 24 hour forum to engage, enlighten, discuss and inform the community about issues facing Santa Fe.

November 6, 2014: Interview with CEO Clayton Bass on Living Juicy! on Santa Fe’s public radio station KSFR 101.1 FM


September 29, 2014: Come to Santa Fe for the Holidays: It’s Nothing Short of Magical, USA TODAY 10 BEST >

“The Garden becomes a winter wonderland lit by thousands of lights, including LED, floodlights, kinetic lights that move rhythmically and fairy lights in plants and trees. Saturday nights bring bracing hot toddies to ward off the cold. Santa will be in attendance and there will be live music. Arrive right at opening and watch the spectacular high desert sunset that’s been drawing artists and others to Santa Fe for over 100 years. The transition from day to night will enhance your experience. If you’re lucky, it might snow, making your evening even more magical.” – Billie Frank

September 14, 2014: Gardening with O’Keeffe, Edible Santa Fe >

September 12, 2014: Photo of the Week: Origami in the Garden, Santa Fe Travelers >

September 11, 2014: Santa Fe Botanical Garden on 2 KASA FOX >

Clayton Bass and Scott Canning talk about the Garden and the weekend’s upcoming events.

August 2014: Two SFBG staff interviewed on KSFR 101.1, The Garden Journal. 

Clayton Bass, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Canning, Horticulture and Special Projects Director 

July 23, 2014: Santa Fe Botanical Garden on Museum Hill approaches first birthday, Journal North >

And since its opening, the group’s membership has ballooned from 550 in early 2013 to more than 1,745, according to that group’s newsletter. Read more >

June 11, 2014: Santa Fe’s Summer Cuisine Scene: New Chefs and Tailgating at its Best, >

April 28, 2014: Origami in metal visits the Botanical Garden on Museum Hill, Journal North >

April 22, 2014: Paper Trail, Sculptor Kevin Box’s success is written in the stars, Santa Fe Reporter >

Alongside Japanese honeysuckle, “Indian Magic” crabapple and beaked yucca, a new exotic species has blossomed in the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. It comes in the shape of 15 monumental sculptures by Kevin Box…

April 2014: Insider Guides, Sunset Magazine >

The inviting Orchard Garden, part of of the 14-acre Santa Fe Botanical Garden on Museum Hill, makes the most of local resources. Its cactus are native to the Southwest; the lush roses and fruit trees thrive on rainwater collected in Zuni-style stone bowls and stonework channels created by New Mexico craftsmen. And set among carefully chosen native and non-native plants is the sculpture Emergence by Santa Fe artist Candyce Garrett.

April 2014: Santa Fe Gets Its Bloom On, New Mexico Magazine >

Winter chose to tarry the day I met Clayton Bass at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. Swathed in sweaters, we wandered a meandering path flanked by gloriously stacked rocks, with not a single flower in sight. No matter. We gardeners possess imaginations best described as—ahem— florid. Even when the sky whispers “snow,” we dream of spring. Read more >

March 31, 2014: Spring to bring new art to Santa Fe Botanical Garden, Journal North >

March 17, 2014: Santa Fe Botanical Garden, Road Trips for Gardeners >

February 3, 2014: O’Keeffe garden planned for Museum Hill, Journal North >

Georgia O’Keeffe is known for her paintings of flowers and landscapes, but many people may not know that she tended a thriving garden in her own plot in Abiquiu. An offshoot of that garden will take root in Santa Fe — but you may have to wait a few years for it to happen. The Santa Fe Botanical Garden is cooperating with the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum to take cuttings and other means of propagating plants growing in the late artist’s garden, eventually transplanting them into the Museum Hill garden in Santa Fe. Read more >

December 18, 2013: Winter Lights at Botanical Gardens, City Highlights >

Clayton Bass from the Botanical Gardens talk about the Winter Lights Event at the Botanical Gardens this Holiday.

December 5, 2013: Arctic blast to put chill on weekend events, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

November 26, 2013: Tender is the Night, Santa Fe Reporter >

Winter has arrived in Santa Fe. And with it comes the parade of winter-inspired events. We are all ready for warm drinks and outdoor lighting displays around town. It’s a magical time when the imagination is given reign over the world of dreams. So it’s fitting that Santa Fe Botanical Garden invites you into the place of its dreams with GLOW, a festival of winter lights at the new grounds on Museum Hill.

October 27, 2013: Head start on Halloween, Journal North >

We’re approaching that time of tricks and treats, when kids and adults dress in costumes and pretend to be someone else. The real thing is Thursday, when Halloween will bring out the ghouls and goblins. But this weekend got a head start on the activities with the Crocus Pocus Halloween event at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden on Saturday…

August 18, 2013: Letters to the editor, A community vision by Clayton Bass, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

The new Santa Fe Botanical Garden at Museum Hill was created to benefit all Santa Fe and New Mexico citizens, and our area’s many visitors. The Botanical Garden is an independent nonprofit, not a part of the four Santa Fe state museums, with a commitment to affordable admission and providing monthly Community Days that are free for New Mexico residents. The garden’s educational mission raises awareness of the many critical issues such as water conservation, climate change impact and responsible gardening practices. With its many native and traditional plants, awe-inspiring stone and metal work and breathtaking vistas, the Botanical Garden is the essence of New Mexico.

August 16, 2013: News from Santa Fe: a new garden and updates at La Fonda, The Dallas Morning News >

Beargrass, spiny stars, Apache plume. The names themselves evoke striking images. They’re all native Santa Fe plants, and all growing in the new $7.5-million Santa Fe Botanical Garden at Museum Hill, which opened in July. Set on 14 acres on a hillside just east of the Plaza, visitors will find the first installment of the three-phase project — the Orchard Gardens, with young apple, apricot, cherry, peach, pear and plum trees…

August 2013: New Mexico road trip: Haute route, Sunset Magazine >

August 7, 2013: Botanical Garden has lots to offer, Opinion briefs, Journal North >

July 21, 2013: Hundreds turn out for public opening of gardens on Museum Hill, The Santa Fe New Mexican > or here > (PDF 34.2 kb)

The Santa Fe Botanical Garden at Museum Hill opened to the public Sunday, after a gala Friday evening and a members-only opening Saturday. More than 2,000 garden-goers strolled among Juniperus scopulorum (Rocky Mountain juniper), Melampodium leucanthum (blackfoot daisy) and Cylindropuntia whipplei (snow leopard cholla) as many of the 2,000 monarch butterflies released Saturday lingered on fragrant lavender and rose shrubs.

July 18, 2013: Our View: A garden blooms on Museum Hill, The Santa Fe New Mexican Editorials > or here > (PDF 24 kb)

After years of planning, the Santa Fe Botanical Garden at Museum Hill opens this weekend. From tonight’s sold-out gala, the membership preview on Saturday and the public opening Sunday, there is plenty to celebrate this weekend…

July 18, 2013: First Flowering: Santa Fe Botanical Garden, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

A walk through the first phase of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden on Museum Hill 10 days before its grand opening was a journey of small revelations that sprang from a larger, conceptual design. Spear-leafed yucca on short, stout trunks stands guard just past the entry. A Chinese golden rain tree is in blossom among plugs of native grass. Young fruit trees rise in perfect order; various types of lavender are set out here and there. There are tea roses, cacti, and a Gambel oak, all framed in the surrounding juniper and pine. At one point, a rabbit scampers across the trail, and a covey of quail is spotted. Benches wait under welcoming ramadas. Mountains stretch off to the north and east, the valley opens up to the west. You feel as if you’ve stepped from one world into another, though you never lose sight of the world you came from. Somehow, everything fits…

July 17, 2013: In Santa Fe, a New Botanical Garden, The New York Times >

Santa Fe’s appeal seems to be divided  between culture seekers and outdoors lovers, now jointly targeted by one new attraction, the Santa Fe Botanical Garden at Museum Hill.

July 12, 2013: Xeric Landscapes, Works of Art, Planet Natural >

July 6, 2013: Santa Fe In Bloom -  Botanical Garden opens this month, The Santa Fe New Mexican > (PDF 14 kb)

June 29, 2013: Kids learn to find math in art, nature at Community Gallery, The Santa Fe New Mexican > (PDF 28 kb)

Young mathematicians learned about the Fibonnaci sequence, a mathematical pattern on which a number of naturally occurring shapes are based, during a special event for kids Saturday at the Santa Fe Community Gallery, 201 W. Marcy Street. With the help of Mollie Parsons, the new education director for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, toddlers and teenagers found the mathematical pattern in seashells, asparagus, cauliflower and roses. See some pictures from the workshop on our Facebook page >

May/June 2013: Regional Happenings, The American Gardener > (PDF 248 kb)

Strolling troubadours, mariachi music, and sangria will add to the festivities at the gala opening night reception on July 19 for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden (SFBG) at Museum Hill. A members-only day will follow on July 20, with the garden opening to the public on July 21. The Botanical Garden at Museum Hill, which is being completed in stages, supplements the garden’s existing facilities, including the Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve, a 35-acre marsh south of Santa Fe, and the Ortiz Mountains Educational Preserve, a 1,350-acre site 30 miles southwest of Santa Fe.

May 6, 2013: Santa Fe Botanical Garden Grand Opening
 in July, >

April 24, 2013: Santa Fe Botanical Garden Announces Grand Opening in July of 2013, PRWEB.COM Newswire >

April 10, 2013: Botanical Garden gets ax again, Albuquerque Journal > (PDF 23.7kb)

April 6, 2013: Governor again vetoes Botanical Garden funds, Albuquerque Journal > (PDF 27.8kb)

Gov. Susana Martinez still doesn’t like using state dollars f or the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. For the second year in a row, she cut state money f or the park being developed on Santa Fe’s Museum Hill f rom the capital outlay bill approved by the Legislature.

February 7, 2013: New CEO Brings 20 Years of Experience, Journal Santa Fe > (PDF 295kb)

Named the garden’s chief executive officer, Bass brings 20 years of experience in the nonprofit museum sector, specializing in development and management. He worked for the renowned Alexander Haas Fundraising Consultants of Atlanta. The company played a major role in the New Mexico History Museum campaign. Bass was also president, CEO and capital campaign director of Alabama’s Huntsville Museum of Art, where he led a $10 million expansion campaign. He also has helmed arts institutions in Ocean Springs, Miss., and at Atlanta’s Emory Museum.
In true Santa Fe style, Bass is also a painter and a sculptor.

December 5, 2012: You Call This Pork?,  Santa Fe Reporter >

Santa Fe Botanical Garden goes forward with construction of the botanical garden at Museum Hill, despite Governor Susana Martinez’s veto of state funding.  Opening in July 2013, the botanical garden will enrich the Santa Fe community with a beautiful and ecologically responsible garden while providing educational programs on proper garden maintenance and sustainable management practices.

October 1, 2012: A garden is born in Santa Fe, >

September 18, 2012: A builder of bridges, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

Peter Brill, owner of PBI Construction Consulting, inspects the progress of the new 13-acre garden at Museum Hill. Santa Fe Botanical Garden hired PBI to oversee the project.

September 2012 Vol. 2 No. 9, Grass Identification Workshop, Santa Fe Master Gardener Newsletter > (PDF 434 kb)

On August 25 at the Leonora Curtain Wetland Preserve south of Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Botanical Garden presented a half-day workshop on How to Identify Grasses. For some of us, this was an eye-opening introduction to the large and diverse grass family (Poaceae).

July 18, 2012: Work begins on botanical garden’s outdoor gallery, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

The Santa Fe Botanical Garden broke ground last week on its new garden planned at Museum Hill.

Although the project actually began earlier this year with installation of a bridge across an arroyo, which will connect different sections of the garden, this “is the beginning of the construction of the garden, and this is the time when actual elements of the garden are going to be installed,” said Linda Milbourn, managing director of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

June 1, 2012: Inspiration in bloom on garden tours, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

Santa Fe Botanical Garden’s 17th annual Garden Tours will kick off Sunday. They will take place over the next two Sundays and highlight different gardens in Santa Fe’s east side.

June 1, 2012: Gardens of earthly delights, Pasatiempo > (PDF 556 kb)

May 6, 2012: The Santa Fe New Mexican Sunday supplement > (PDF 779 kb) For full size (PDF 16.2 MB).

March 31, 2012: My View by Linda Milbourn, Botanical gardens are special places that enrich our lives, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

What is a botanical garden, really? This is a question that some in Santa Fe have considered. In fact, botanical gardens are among the most critically important institutions in the land.

March 15, 2012: State Park to Host Volunteer Training, ABQ Journal Fit >

March 13, 2012: Anna Bryson, 1929-2012: Living Treasure helped launch botanic garden, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

March 13, 2012: Santa Fe Tidbits >

March 9, 2012: A veto pen run amokThe Santa Fe New Mexican >

February 26, 2012: Projects help entire state, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

“Not only would this project provide local jobs and involve the purchase of numerous plants, trees and other materials from local sources, it would help create an attractive adjunct to the Museum Hill area, thus attracting tourists to help further stimulate the Santa Fe economy.”- Jim Trujillo

February 22, 2012: Nature’s perfect learning environment, The Santa Fe New Mexican >

Education outside the classroom is essential to children’s development. At the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, we have been providing this service for more than 20 years via the Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve near La Cienega. Soon this experience will be available within the city limits through our site at Museum Hill…

January 31, 2012: Botanical Garden prepares to flourish, >

Santa Fe has a very rich history. Just ask the plants. One example is the Santa Fe Botanical Garden (SFBG), where ground is being tilled to prepare for the organization’s newest garden. It will offer visitors unique insights into the region’s floral past, present and future…

January 26, 2012: City holds ribbon-cutting for Museum Hill Trail, Local News, Santa Fe New Mexican >

Santa Fe on Thursday officially opened its newest bicycle and pedestrian trail — the Museum Hill Trail from Old Pecos Trail east to Camino Corrales, through land being groomed for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden…

December 28, 2011: The Kearny Gap Bridge, Local news in brief, Santa Fe New Mexican >

November 5, 2011: A Time to Dig > (PDF 141 kb)

It’s been a long time coming. In front of a small crowd of dignitaries and supporters, representatives of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden finally broke ground on their Museum Hill site Friday morning, after about eight years of planning. The golden shovels came out and people clustered for pictures by the Arroyo de los Pinos, where the garden’s first phase of construction will begin later this year…


Flora Fantastica: The Botanical Art of MF Cardamone

October 14, 2011: Get your chlorophyll (Pasatiempo article) > (PDF 9.79 MB)

Botanical illustration has a long and rich history. Those who study nature have been fascinated with flora and fauna for thousands of years, and as early as the first century B.C., if not before, their detailed descriptions in words and imagery have added to our understanding of the natural world…

October 14, 2011: Flora Fantastica and Selby Fleetwood Gallery featured on Gallery Hop! the weekly exhibition picks of ArtSlant Santa Fe

ArtSlant is the #1 Contemporary Art Network with worldwide arts calendars, artitsts, reviews and online art sales of originals and prints.



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