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Read in depth descriptive articles about plants that grow well in the Santa Fe area. Learn about plant diversity growing around you! More plant of the month articles available here

APRIL : Apple Blossom : Malus domestica

Scientific name: Malus domestica Common name: Apple Blossom Plant Family:  Rose (Rosaceae) By Janice Tucker with thanks to Barbara Goede for sharing her knowledge and notes, which contributed to this article. The Rose family (Rosaceae) should be knighted as the plant family of beauty and bounty. It encompasses genera that produce gorgeous flowers and prolific fruit, Read more »

April 1, 2014, Plant of the Month

MARCH : Julia Child™ Rose : Rosa ‘Julia Child’

Scientific name (Genus): Rosa

Cultivar: WEKvossutono

Trademark name: Julia Child™

Common names:  Julia Child™ Rose, Julia Child Floribunda Rose

Plant Family: Rosaceae

Article by Susan Bruneni

One of the most striking roses at Museum Hill is the ‘WEKvossutono’, or Julia Child Floribunda Rose. Its vibrant ruffled blooms can best be described as buttery yellow Read more »

March 1, 2014, Plant of the Month

FEBRUARY : Milkweed : Asclepias species

Scientific (genus) name: Asclepias Common name: Milkweed Plant Family: Apocynaceae – Dogbane (Formerly Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed) Family Article by Janice Tucker The Milkweeds are disappearing. Monarch butterflies are in trouble. The Milkweed’s habitats are disappearing, which threatens the monarch butterfly’s existence because it is the only host plant for the monarchs’ larvae. Building developments, roadside construction Read more »

February 1, 2014, Plant of the Month

JANUARY : Whipple’s Cholla : Cylindropuntia whipplei ‘Snow Leopard’

Scientific name: Cylindropuntia whipplei ‘Snow Leopard’ Common Names: Snow Leopard Cholla, Whipple’s Cholla Family: Cactaceae  Article by Susan Bruneni Of the more than 20 species of cholla found in the American Southwest, The Snow Leopard or Whipple’s cholla is among the most suitable for home gardens. It is one of several cholla species planted at Santa Read more »

January 1, 2014, Plant of the Month

DECEMBER : Amaryllis : Hippeastrum species

Scientific Name: Hippeastrum species Common Name: Amaryllis Plant Family:  Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae) Article by Janice Tucker Even though the starkness of winter has its own style of natural beauty, it does not take long for flower lovers to experience withdrawal symptoms. Hearts rejoice when the seasonal indoor flowers of fall and winter first appear in the shops, Read more »

December 1, 2013, Plant of the Month

NOVEMBER : Alligator juniper : Juniperus deppeana

Scientific name: Juniperus deppeana Common name: Alligator juniper Plant family: Cupressaceae – Cypress Article by Susan Bruneni Santa Feans are very familiar with the one-seed juniper (Juniperus monosperma) that adorns much of our terrain.  But a distinctive juniper usually not found above 6,000 feet is growing at the Botanical Garden at Museum Hill.  It Read more »

November 1, 2013, Plant of the Month

OCTOBER : Cutleaf staghorn sumac : Rhus typhina ‘Laciniata’

Scientific name: Rhus typhina ‘Laciniata’ Common name: Cutleaf staghorn sumac Plant Family:  Acardiaceae (Sumac) Article and photos by Janice Tucker The Cutleaf staghorn sumac is one hot looking plant in the fall. Its brilliant, red-orange, flame-shaped leaves are ablaze with color, even outshining other spectacular fall plants. The Staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina) is native to Read more »

October 1, 2013, Plant of the Month

SEPTEMBER : Thyme : Thymus spp.

Scientific genus: Thymus Common name: Thyme Plant family: Lamiaceae Written by Zachary Sippel, 8th Grade Intern The summer of 2013 brought many changes to the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, including the inaugural year of our youth Internship Program.  Kate Gale and Zachary Sippel, middle school students, volunteered eight hours a week from June through early Read more »

September 1, 2013, Plant of the Month

AUGUST : Rozanne geranium : Geranium ‘Gerwat’ Rozanne

Scientific name: Geranium ‘Gerwat’ Rozanne Common name: Rozanne geranium Plant Family:  Geraniaceae (Geranium) Article and photos by Janice Tucker The Rozanne geranium produces multitudes of violet-blue flowers that will bloom from early summer until frost, has beautiful leaves that also offer brilliant fall color, spreads but does not invade and as an added bonus it Read more »

August 1, 2013, Plant of the Month

JULY : Beaked yucca : Yucca rostrata

Scientific name: Yucca rostrata Plant Family: Agavaceae Common name: Beaked yucca by Susan Bruneni The magnificent Yucca rostrata will greet visitors entering the new Botanical Garden from numerous spots in the Welcome Garden and the Dry Garden. This dramatic yucca eventually reaches heights up to 12 feet, with a burst of long blue-green leaves atop Read more »

July 1, 2013, Plant of the Month

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